Teuk: Our ELF are pretty, cute, strong and knows how to fight. Also good at fighting online

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@ShinsFriends: Since everybody is waiting so much, well… I’ll give one more hint then .. Woosh~~ This one will be really hard, what should we do?? crycry?? … But it’s nice to at least get one more hint, right~ (Hint- 135.010 94.17) if you get this right, you are daebak genius!!

@ShinsFriends: kkkkkkkkkkkk everyone, thank you for trying so hard~ hehehe but you guys aren’t genius. kkk Fasodoblend? Mexico? there are more than one or two (guesses) kkkkkkk I’m tired today so I will sleep earlier~~ I will give next set of hints easier~ ㅠㅠ hing..

@ShinsFriends: I’m awake!! Why are you guys waiting for me so much?? kkk why are you like this?? You want me to post another comment?? Since you are so frustrated, I (will tell you that) the hints are just related to my parts, and I am giving hints not about the concept but something else. Today’s hint ( -ㅣㅣㅣㅣ-ㅣ-ㅣㅣ-ㅣ-ㅣㅣ-ㅣ-ㅣ=ㅣ=ㅣ=ㅣ= )


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During hangeng’s Tissot interview he was asked about his recent picture with heechul ! He replied by saying that it’s quite natural to meet with friends and that it had been a while since his last meeting with him !!!!!!

 when he was asked about the possibility of working with Super Junior in the future he replied by saying “I’m so… (Keep in touch)”

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